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Partnering With a Studio to Enhance Your Brand

Many companies and organizations have a well-loved and recognizable brand that resonates with their audience. When we first partnered with podcaster Brooke Mitchell-Norman, host of Rewildology, we knew that anything we created needed to stay true to the visual language already in place. The Rewildology look and feel was already performing well and encompassed a unique and engaging tone that we were careful to preserve.

With a great logo, a user-friendly website and branded elements already in place, we set out to create additional assets that fit seamlessly into the Rewildology universe but worked to elevate the visual representation with new design solutions.

Rewildology Business Card Design

Without a full-time design team, organizations will inevitably find themselves in a position where they are simply in need of more. Perhaps they are attending an event or hosting a webinar. Maybe their website is overdue for a refresh or their social media engagement has taken a dip. Partnering with a studio that appreciates the power of the existing brand can put the company at ease, knowing their brand is in safe hands while simultaneously broadening their brand's horizons.

In the case of Rewildology, we were challenged to design business cards, a small print

advertisement and a few additional assets for social media. We assessed the current brand presentation and took note of website elements, social media post style as well as discussed where the visual side of the podcast had an opportunity to grow. The final materials stayed true to Brooke’s original vision for Rewildology and incorporated fresh ideas we identified.

Rewildology Advertisement & Business Cards

At Studio Half Caff, preserving a brand’s identity and positioning with their audience is one of our highest priorities. We understand the time and effort put into developing a company’s presentation and enjoy the challenge of creating visual assets that blend seamlessly and help to solve pain points within the organization.

To learn more about how we can partner with your organization and elevate the quality of your branding,

click here.

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