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Illustration Shapes Your Brand

What visual elements do you associate with your brand? The first thing that likely comes to mind is your logo. Perhaps the website or social media channels your team maintains. But what about something a bit more traditional?

Illustration has often been categorized as a formal art practice, reserved for literature, articles and other classic forms of content consumption. In a sea of competitive brands seeking to promote their unique product, modern marketing techniques are in need of fresh strategies. As our world becomes increasingly digitized, we believe there is an ever growing demand for the traditional and skill-based talent that illustrators specialize in.

Credit: Megan Stout

Over recent years, consumers have been trained to scroll through waves of content, often bypassing anything resembling an advertisement. Because of this constant inundation of media, audiences often miss valuable resources or solutions that could be a fit for them. Here at Studio Half Caff, we have grown a network of talented illustrators who help differentiate a brand's voice to elevate their message and gain more traction in their industry.

We partner with amazing illustrators like Megan Stout who bring value to the visual representation of a brand by providing unique and customized hand drawn solutions that attract viewers to a brand’s website, resources and social media avenues. She utilizes modern and playful techniques which connect with audiences and make them more likely to share within their own networks. Simply put, this means more eyes on the content as well as more clicks and visits to the site.

We work hand in hand with our clients and illustrators to develop solutions for content needs like marketing materials, packaging, and website graphics that help add a new level of detail and personality to the brand.

Credit: Megan Stout

Megan’s specific talents paired with appropriate brand positioning and content creation help to incorporate a level of unique expertise and thought leadership to the brands we service. Quite frankly, well-written content on its own will not cut through the noise in our modern era. The brands that understand the need for finely crafted visual solutions alongside their valuable content offerings are the ones that will attract the widest audience. This ensures those individuals interacting with the media feel the time and attention paid to media and products.

We truly believe spending more time on creative assets and incorporating elements of illustration to company's visual presence is the future of branding.

Want to learn more about working with illustrators to create amazing custom visual experiences? Click here

To see more of Megan’s work, visit her website or connect with her on Instagram.

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