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Our 3 Step Animation Process

Imagine this: you find yourself with a solid logo, a brand that your audience connects with, and consistent design solutions across all touchpoints… Now what?

After spending time and energy on ramping up their branding, many companies find themselves at an inevitable lull. They checked all the boxes, did everything they believed should be completed to build a wonderful visual experience for their customers. However, it’s not enough to simply have a consistent look and feel anymore. Technology keeps evolving and the pressure to keep the click-through rates elevated is a never ending battle.

Within our ever changing world, brands are beginning to realize the need to maintain a presence on social media. At first it was simply ensuring a regular posting schedule. Then it was staying ahead of trending hashtags. Now, with the rise in platforms like TikTok and Instagram Reels, we are seeing a greater need for motion graphics and animation to maintain viewers' attention and interest.

It may seem daunting with a sea of visual motion software selections, but animation is a surprisingly low risk, high reward solution to connect with your audience. Follow along as we break down the process into three steps to demonstrate how easy animation solutions can be when you partner with the right studio!


We begin by gathering the proper logo files from our clients and break them into smaller chunks for easier movement options. We do this within Illustrator, which is a software that integrates nicely with After Effects, our favorite platform to animate in. Adobe's software solutions are the standard in our industry and can be challenging to learn on your own. Partnering with experts makes visual processes smooth and the final results as perfect as can be!


We spend the majority of our design time on small movements that help this two-dimensional creation feel alive. Blinking, bouncing, and scaling are the small details we use to bring the animation to life. We analyze within our studio over several feedback sessions and take note of areas for improvement. After we feel satisfied, we spend time with our client and their team to gather reactions and work through adjustments.


After we have approved both internally and with the client and team, we begin to wrap this project up and work through the files! Animation is important across all social media platforms, so ensuring the final product is scaled and fitted appropriately is our highest priority. The goal of animating is to WOW and engage audiences across all platforms, so finessing the final files is time well spent!

Are you ready to work with Studio Half Caff on your next animation project or curious to learn more about our process? Click the link below!

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